My Life In Hudson

birthday party

My life in Hudson is my life. My Mum and Dad bought this house after looking at over 50, driving the agent crazy, in late April 1991. I was born that June.

My Dad used to come to the house from downtown Montreal, where they lived with Nori, almost every day. He'd bring me often, so I guess you could say I've been in the house from the time I was a new born.

Technically, though, we only moved in when I was almost 5 months old. My parents completely re-did the whole house, and added a full gym and home theatre, and my Dad's favorite room, his office overlooking the golf course and creek. But more on that later.

I've experienced five stages of my life in Hudson...

The rest of my life is ahead, of course. But Hudson Quebec will always have a special place in my heart. I'm glad my parents made that decision to leave the city to raise us in what many people call "the perfect little town."

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