My Family

Hudson family

My family is a small one. We are only four people... my Mum (Janice), my sister (Nori) and my Dad (Ken).

I'd love to have a baby sister. But here's the good news... no brothers!

See the photo above? I searched through thousands of family photos, looking for a nice one of all us at home. No luck!

Most pictures are either taken by my Dad of my sister, my mum and I. Somehow, it seems like none of us ever learned to use the self-timer button.

So there are tons of ones, twos and threes, but not many with all four. And there are not even many pictures with my Dad, Nori and Me. You see, my Mom tends to push the wrong button or point the camera at funny places and cuts off heads, or forgets the flash.

The picture above is our most recent "family photo." It was taken on our July-Aug trip to Italy by someone who works at the hotel. As you can see, my Dad is sun-intolerant. He "lobsters" easily.

My Mum and Dad

My Sister and I

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