Elementary School
in Hudson Quebec

The first day of kindergarten... the first snaps of memorable school pictures, more responsiblity, new friends and new surroundings.

first day of school at Hudson I got on the big, yellow school bus and ventured off into a whole new stage of my life!

Kindergarten was no way the same as pre-school.

The days were longer, the breaks were shorter, and the people were different.

Although the first day of school sounds terrifying, Mount Pleasant Elementary school wasn't all that bad...

Hudson is a very welcoming community.

The teachers were sweet and understanding, and I quickly made friends.

With this new stage in my life came new friends and parties, new traditions, and new hobbies...

Once I started elementary school, I had never been so aware of the camera!

Every school year, my Mom and Dad hauled out the old Canon, took photos and left us stunned by the flash! Here I am with my sister on the first day of grade one...

"Say cheese!"
Hudson Quebec Outside

Of course as the elementary school years passed, I grew older and had birthday parties! Cake, presents, movies... this was the life.

On my first birthday party, my parents surprised me with a special treat...

A Piñata!

Blindfolded, I spun around and around and swung with all my might.


I tore off the blindfold and stared in disbelief at the candy falling from the sky. We all dove at the ground to get our share!

Parties and friends, games and fun were in abundance, but I couldn't forget about my hobbies...

Yuki playing violin When I was in grade one I started something new.

I learnt how to play the violin.

In the beginning it sounded a tad better than fingers on the chalkboard... but with time, I was able to play Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star perfectly!

My years in elementary school were unbelievable!

There are so many mind-burning memories that I'll never, ever leave behind.

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