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Hudson Quebec Couple?

Hudson parents

My dad is 52. He used to teach and practice emergency room medicine. Soon, medicine became a hobby and toy inventing became the profession.

My mum and dad have invented and licensed 23 toys and games to large companies all over the world, more than any other Canadian inventor. They joke though that they would have preferred to only invent one famous Canadian-invented game...

Trivial Pursuit.

They traveled the world going to Toy Fairs doing research and licensing for their toys. When I was born, they figured it was time to retire and move to Hudson. They used to live downtown Montreal, but figured that Hudson was the perfect place to raise a young family.

(And they were right. I have friends from Hudson and a feeling for it that will stay with me for the rest of my life.)

Did I say "retired?" My dad is rather restless.

He took up golf like a fiend and soon was giving lessons to a touring pro from around here. Then he and my mum began an Internet business.

That little business has grown into the top 200 most visited sites in the world, and to this day he continues on with it, now with 40 employees working around the world.

My mum is 51. My mum has always been with my dad wherever his careers took him. Now she does the business administration of the online business, SiteSell.

My mum is my dad's anchor and guiding light. If my mum wasn't with him, he would always be either late, losing things or lost. I think he'd lose track of gravity and spin into Outer Space without her.

My parents are always there for my sister and me, be it for help with math or ordering tickets for that Arctic Monkeys concert.

OK, other more important things, too!

There are a lot of very interesting and unusual people in Hudson. It is known for that. Artists. Successful show business stars and business executives.

But my parents, besides being a loving mum and dad, are a bit past the norm. They've travelled to to every single continent (so has my sister, except for Australia, before she turned 2 -- I'm jealous).

They have done so many interesting things. And now they have a website that's in the top 200 sites in the world. They have shown me, by example, that you can lead your own life, the way you want to, in today's day and age.

While Hudsoners are a special breed, I'd like to nominate my parents as...

A Special Hudson Quebec Couple.

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