My Sister and I

Nori and Yuki in Hudson

My sister and I are 3 years apart. She's the older sibling. Nori's 17 years old. She goes to Dawson College downtown Montreal.

Nori has a website about the island of Anguilla in the Caribbean. Her website is the most visited site about the island. She is even recognized from time to time when we visit it!

Even though there is such an age difference between us, my sister and I get along famously (except on the days when she doesn't let me borrow her new Marc Jacobs shirt). But normally, we share everything from clothes to music.

Nori helps me with math on the nights when my Dad is too busy. And in fact, I tend to do better on the test, when she helps me!

Despite the fact that Nori and I share a computer room, we still talk to each other on MSN instead of talking just normally. It's quite peculiar and it bugs my mum.

Now that we live downtown to be closer to Nori's college, we all share a large computer room (it used to be a living room). My mom uses it as her office during the day.

And we all share it at night, which can be a problem when my mom wants to do some work in her office. She thinks we're doing homework, but Nori and I can chat. When she realizes we're chatting online, she gets mad, but not just because we fooled her...

She thinks that we're talking about her! But really, we're talking about something completely different, like, what type of cake we should bake.

My sister... I've known her since I was born. I think I'll keep her.

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