Bringggggg the final school bell rings. This means one thing, summer has officialy begun.

Summertime, "and the living is easy." The bikes and bathing suits are brought out and the membership to the pool renewed.

There are two pools in Hudson, one is the Hudson community pool, and the other the Yacht Club (you don't need to own a boat to join). My mum spent so many summer mornings attempting to wake my sister and I up at un-godly summer hours, some of them pretty shivery, for swimming lessons.

Those early starts paid off and Nori and I are pretty ace swimmers.

And naturally, there is golf. Lots of it! So many courses from public to semi-private to fully private. Our house is on the fourth fairway of Whitlock Golf Course. So, my dad joined it.

My dad spent so much time perfecting his swing. Sometimes my sister and I would join him.

yuki and dad on Hudson golf course

There is also Benson Park! Every day or so my sister and I would beg my mum to take us to the park, and then we'd spend the afternoon swinging and sliding..

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