Our Hudson Quebec Home:
Living Room and Sunroom

The living room is where our Christmas tree goes! We have a yearly tradition...

We set up and decorate a beautiful real Christmas tree. Then, just after we finish, someone (usually me) knocks it over. Now that I'm older, it only happens once a year.

It's an accident, really. Afterall, I love Chrsitmas trees! They soon have gifts under them!

The living room is also where my mum has had lots of fun telling my sister and I to practice the piano or violin. Lots of music has come out of the living room.

sun room

sun room My dad used to cultivate 500+ different cacti when he and my Mum lived downtown before I was born. Yes, 500! They had a greenhouse.

When they moved to Hudson, they donated most of them to the Montreal Botannical Gardens.

Now, he keeps his favorite cacti in the sunroom (and in the main office).

He waters and prunes and fusses over them regularly.

The sunroom is like my mom's sewing room, Dad's sanctuary for gardening and napping (he also keeps a lot of his cacti in the office).

My dad has collected many different species of cacti since before I was born.

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