Our Hudson Quebec Home:
The Bedroom And Office On The 2nd Story

When I was a baby, I slept in the Nursery, the middle bedroom of the top floor. As I got older, I (apparently) begged to sleep with my big sister, Nori, who I called "Boo-Boo" (Nori) for some reason that I can't quite remember.

My parents finally gave in (I can be quite persistent!). And we all decided that it might just be better if we shared a bedroom. This is a picture of Nori's side of our shared bedroom...

bedroom and office

We also shared what became the "homework room." My nursery eventually became our office where we do our school work and study hard (really!). We keep our computers there.

Yes, my sister and I are very close. But I don't call her "Boo-Boo" anymore.

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